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Palmbeach Resort and Spa, strategically located in Punta Engaño, Mactan Island, is a small boutique resort located in Mactan, Cebu. The Resort offers spacious rooms with contemporary facilities to provide a pleasant and comfortable stay for its guests.

Here, you will find a quiet and relaxing place to enjoy the sea and scenery, go scuba diving, explore the nearby islands by going island hopping, or simply delight in a body massage. You can also opt for a prayerful mode at the resort’s chapel.

We must emphasize that this site is not an official one but rather a site dedicated to Palmbeach Resort and Spa. The goal of our site is to provide a comprehensive presentation on the services provided by the resort, including details of different amenities and activities available for guests who are prospective vacationers and travelers seeking a peaceful retreat.

This tranquil resort lies in the core of Mactan, exposing itself effortlessly to all the beautiful attractions of the island. Guests can involve themselves deeply into the local culture that is rich; savor fresh seafood from surrounding restaurants; be part of a spirited nightlife. The place is suitable for both serenity and thrill, and thus anyone who wants to have the best of what Cebu offers would find it a smart choice. Palmbeach Resort and Spa doesn’t discriminate with its services: if you are planning a romantic getaway or seeking adventure during a family vacation — or even if you need some time alone — all your needs will be catered for here.

Come and enjoy your vacation with us!