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A gourmet delight can be savored at the restaurant in Palmbeach Resort and Spa where local delicacies meet international cuisine for a taste bud tour— enjoyed by all who step foot in. Drenched in tranquility, the setting of the restaurant offers an ideal place to enjoy a meal with family, friends or even business associates. Be it a laid-back dinner with pals or an intimate tete-a-tete over candlelight; every visit promises unforgettable culinary escapades.

The choices in the menu are diverse. It ranges from sea food caught just moments ago and succulent meats made with the best ingredients. Kickstart your day with a lavish breakfast spread; it comprises an assortment of pastries, fresh fruits and omelets made to your liking. Throughout lunch and dinner enjoy what the chef has prepared as his specialties— local Filipino dishes alongside Asian-inspired creations plus classic Western favorites. This is how every meal will leave you satiated at any hour of the day.

In addition, they have the choice of dining outdoors in a space that is open to the sky on one side with an expansive view of Mactan Island visible from there and a gentle sea breeze wafting through it. You can complement your meal with any selection from the wide wine list or choose from several cocktails made by expert hands to refresh yourself.

Dining at Palmbeach Resort and Spa is more than just food: it’s about making memories that last forever. If you are celebrating a special event or even if you are just enjoying a meal, be sure that the attentive staff serving you along with the exquisite cuisine will ensure a pleasurable experience each time you visit us.